An Easy Clean

Even the simplest things can often be done better which keeps our inventors in business. Take cleaning, for example—a chore most of us love to hate. You’d think that there would be nothing left to make cleaning any easier or more effective as the market is full of hundreds and hundreds of cleaning products. However, if you’ve tried cleaning with microfibre cloths, you’ll know that technology really can make life easier. Did you know that microfibre cloths are more hygienic and they get things looking far cleaner in a lot less time?

Why not just use water and soap? Water is pretty good at cleaning most things all by itself because its molecules have two very different ends. They’re electrically unbalanced, so they stick to all kinds of things, like dirt, like tiny magnets and break them apart. Water is sometimes called a universal solvent because it can dissolve so many different things. Where water alone can’t help, you can turn to a detergent but some people don’t like detergents for a number of reasons. They can be pricey and also cause allergic reactions for those with sensitive skin. Others worry that chemicals will remain in our homes and when flushed away, make their way into the water system. This is where microfibre cloths come into play. Microfibre cloths pack a lot more punch into a smaller area. An ordinary cleaning cloth has fibres made of cotton or synthetic material such as nylon. But a microfibre cloth has far more fibres and they’re much smaller.

Microfibres attach themselves to even the smallest, microscopic dirt particles that normal cloth fibre couldn’t even touch. If forces were visible, you’d be able to see that there are forces of attraction at work between microfibres and dirt. Although there is only a microscopic amount of force between one microfibre and any given dirt particle but remember that there are millions of microfibres in a cloth, so the overall sticking effect is magnified dramatically. That’s what makes the cloths so effective in picking up dirt and dust. For Commercial Cleaning Services Cardiff, visit

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Using a microfibre cloth involves no detergent so how is the dirt removed? Well it’s all in the fibres. The fibres are made of plastic and many of them attach themselves to each dirt speck. Working as a team, the many fibres apply powerful enough forces to dislodge the dirt and carry it away, leaving the surface naturally dirt-free. This is technologically advanced cleaning using the best of physics.

Look on the packet that your cloth comes in and you’ll probably find it says the ingredients are 50 percent polyester and 50 percent polyamide, also known as nylon. In other words, you have a mixture of two plastics and the cloth is made by forcing the plastics through a tiny pipe and heating them so they weave together. These fused fibres are then split apart into microfibers 10–20 times smaller for extra effective cleaning.