Be smart about getting smart

If you’ve decided that it’s time to redesign your home and include all the latest smart technologies, there are certain things that it would be helpful to consider before you begin. This should keep the process go smoothly and be cost-efficient.

It’s tempting to find all the information you need online and give it a go yourself but you could save yourself some serious time and hassle by consulting with an expert. Designing your own smart home can be a complicated process so dealing with somebody who has done it themselves or is very knowledgeable about the industry can be a lifeline.

One crucial element is the positioning of your router. The router is the focal point of your smart home as it connects all the different pieces together and needs to communicate effectively. When it comes to spending, make sure you purchase a top end router as it needs to be up to date and fully functional.  For Home Automation, visit

Unfortunately hacking is now a part of digital life. The sad fact is, you can hack a smart TV or any smart technology but the good news is that there are ways to protect yourself. Don’t believe all the negative press about hacking but do be aware of security and understand the risks.

Don’t get too carried away filling your home with smart fridges, bins, lamps and TVs, take a moment to consider what you actually want and need. There are many smart items but some are better than others and not all of them will make life that much easier. To begin with, keep it simple. Invest in good quality things like remote controlled lights, heating and gadgets like smart TVs.

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If a product has more bells and whistles, it’s got to be better, right? The fancier your product the better, right? Not necessarily, as you can find great smart technologies without all the additional gizmos. You shouldn’t be dismissive of the ‘dumber’ stuff. Having lights that can be dimmed might be enough for you and the lights with hundreds of different functions and combinations can just cost far too much.

Usually people will shop around for the best deals and might not take too much notice of brand loyalty. When it comes to your smart home though, you can benefit from brand loyalty. For example, opting for household appliances from the same brand could make integration easier and ensure you can synchronise the products together more easily.

Finally, it’s important to check on things like compatibility before adding any new product. There are still regional differences in terms of functions for some products and finding cross-product problems in compatibility is not something you want to find after you’ve made the purchase.

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Above all, do your research and have fun creating your unique smart home. Seek the advice of professionals so you don’t make any costly mistakes you’ll live to regret. Essentially, it doesn’t have to look like Batman’s cave but needs just the right amount of ‘smart’ for your ease of living on an everyday basis.