Bespoke furniture vs. off the shelf – which should you choose?

The furniture you choose can really make or break the look of a home or business premises but which should you choose, bespoke or off the shelf? Here are some factors to consider when making the choice.


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Your premises

Your premises can dictate whether you can buy ready-made furniture or if you need a bespoke option because of the space or shape of the area available or requirements you may have. You may have to consider your budget and practicalities such as the potential for wear or tear. This can be particularly important in business premises.

Unique furniture, such as bespoke commercial desks, can be created to fit perfectly into any unusually shaped or awkward spaces and to fulfil requirements specific to a particular business or home. Don’t worry  Essex Removal companies or any other respected provider will take great care of your pieces.

The difference between off the shelf and bespoke

Off the shelf furniture can offer convenience and value, whilst bespoke is the ideal choice if you are looking for a particular style or functional design, or if you want to ensure that no one else will have the same piece as you. Bespoke furniture can also be made to perfectly complement an existing interior design or furniture collection.

The ecological impact

Bespoke furniture can be a more environmentally friendly option, especially if reclaimed or locally sourced materials are used. This can be a good choice for businesses who want to use their green credentials as a differentiator or for individuals who want to look after the planet and their homes. Businesses choosing to act in the most environmentally friendly way possible can enjoy a range of benefits, including financial rewards explained at

A greater level of involvement

You may like the convenience of entering a store and leaving with a piece of flat-packed furniture but you may prefer being more involved in the process. Choosing bespoke furniture can enable you to be fully involved in the designing of your furniture.


At first glance, ready-made furniture may seem like more of a convenient choice but this is not always the case. Whilst flat-packed furniture will require you to try out a little DIY at home, bespoke furniture will arrive ready-made, or will be accompanied by an expert who will ensure it looks just as it should. It must be remembered, however, that bespoke furniture may take longer to arrive.