Best Ways to Share Vacations with Family and Friends

Going on a vacation is a great way to build some memories that will last you a lifetime. Even better than that, it’s a great way to show the world how successful you are — “torture” is such a cruel word for reminding everyone how much fun you’re having in paradise while they’re working, but it sure is fun. The following are some great ways to express how greatly your vacation is going.

Social Media Posts

You don’t necessarily need pics to mention how much fun you’re having. While using Facebook and posting all kinds of pics is a great way to share the beauty of your trip with the world, it isn’t always the best way. You may just want to tweet about your trip and how it’s going, which gives you more time to actually do things and puts off a nice air of mystery. There’s nothing like 140 characters or less to give everyone a taste of your trip without shoving their faces in it.

Post Pics

Instagram and Pinterest have a couple of things in common. For one, they’re both very image intensive ways to share what you’re doing and what you’ve recently seen. They’re also both popular enough that it’s easy to point your friends and family toward the sites. If you’ve got a great view from your hotel room, post it. Going on a fun hike? Post that, too. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.


If your vacation is an especially significant one, you can put up a blog series dedicated exclusively to that. For instance, lots of people who go on long bicycle trips will create a blog about that alone. For more ordinary vacations, either making a single post about it on an existing blog or starting a vacation blog where you cover your vacations over several years may be simpler.

Evernote Notebooks

Evernote is a combination of a blog and a forum. When you create a new notebook in Evernote, you can allow the new friends you’ve met on your vacation to add to and edit it. This way you get a fun consensus of what happened, how much fun everybody had, and a lot of other key information that’s fun to tell everyone about for years to come.


Skype is a fast, free way to connect with people all over the world. If your phone or laptop has a camera, you can call people from pretty much anywhere and share how awesome your trip is. You can even have multiple-way conversations this way, and keep in touch with several people at once.


Who says that connecting with people has to be electronic? Using Overnight Prints postcards is a great way to send a quick note on a fun little keepsake. This is particularly neat because almost no one sends physical correspondence anymore — which makes your trip more unique than most.

Vacations are great to share. Modern technology gives you a lot of ways to do just that.