Blissful Bedrooms

If you have plans to make this year the year for home improvements, then starting with the bedroom is a great idea. This is the one room where you want to create total peace and relaxation, improve your sleep and spoil yourself with a touch of luxury. So, what would your dream bedroom be like?

Soothing tones

For a palette that soothes as well as looking opulent and glamourous, think about soft silvers and soothing greys to add some sparkle and extravagance. These shades provide an ultra-contemporary style, reminiscent of a luxury hotel or boutique. If you want a pop of colour, then why not incorporate some bright yellow accessories for cheeriness.


Maybe you have your heart set on a super luxurious, dangling chandelier to act as the focal point of your décor. Hang a chandelier over the bed to really spoil yourself. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and don’t have to cost the earth. A beautiful lighting feature like this will create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.


If you’re planning on giving your bedroom the full makeover, then consider upgrading your carpet or rugs. The perfect luxurious feel is a soft, warm carpet or rug that your feet sink into at the end of a long day. Make your room delightful for bare feet, so the morning transition from bed to bathroom is a whole lot more pleasurable.

Fitted Wardrobes

There are many benefits to having a fitted wardrobe installed. You’ll have increased storage space, a clutter-free room, compartments to organise your clothes and belongings better and it will transform a dated room into a modern, stylish space. Visit fitted wardrobes dorset by Lamco-design for a range of glamourous wardrobe options.

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Fit for Royalty

If you’re looking for a colour scheme that screams opulence, then choose the regal combination of deep purples and plenty of gold. Gold accessories with dashes of purple in curtains, throws or bedding with give a regal air. Perhaps include an ornate gold mirror and a beautiful vanity table as a focal point.


Perhaps your idea of luxury is to incorporate the latest smart technology to improve the comfort of your bedroom. From smart lighting and mattresses to plasma nightlights, if gadgets are your thing then there plenty on the market now for bedroom bliss. Why not try the sleep-optimising mattress or a projector that turns your wall or ceiling into a movie screen or life-sized window?

Add Pillows

Make your bed a haven you’ll never want to leave with oversized fluffy cushions and pillows. This is a great inexpensive way to create your dream bed. Overfill your cushions for real plump sumptuousness like you’d find in a luxury boutique.