Creating a sustainable packaging business model

We are fast becoming a consumable society, where we produce, use and dispose of items without considering the impact we are having on the environment. Eventually this will become unsustainable and we need to start thinking now about how businesses, including those in the packaging industry, can support a more sustainable business model.


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The use of recycling

For many years recycling of materials has been regarded as the key to managing the use of our natural resources, without actually assessing how these are created in the first place. It is certainly important to look at how we use and dispose of goods; however, if we continue with our current habits we would eventually require more resources than are available on a single planet.

Recycling is not always as successful as it could be, with both consumers and businesses confused as to what can and cannot be reused. A survey carried out by Recycle Now found that around one-quarter of people were throwing away goods that could easily be recycled. It is important to look at how we can use resources more efficiently in the first place rather than just learning to recycle more.  From packaging up a small item like a pair of socks from the likes of Amazon to huge items like giant games from  Rodeo Bull Manufacturer that need a larger amount of resource, ensuring less wastage will be key to a more productive future.
Resource efficiency

Implementing a circular economic model can go further than solely using recycling as a method of sustainability. If UK businesses were to adopt this method, they could make up to £6.4bn in savings every year. This would also help to limit the creation of waste as opposed to finding ways to reuse the products we create, which would require the use of less energy.

Packaging businesses can achieve this type of model rather than continuing to buy everything regardless of how efficient this is. This would allow the businesses to save money and reduce the amount that is tied up in assets, while also creating an environmental policy that would showcase the business in a positive light.

Implementing a sustainable model within packaging businesses would benefit a number of areas. Not only would it reduce the impact we are having as a society on the environment but also companies would see financial rewards.