Delta Are Not Born They Are Made


It is a non-profit Greek Lettered association of college literate women committed to public service with an importance of programs that is aimed towards  the African American race. It was founded by 22 intellectual women at Howard university on January 13, 1913.These students wanted to utilize their collective power to encourage  academic excellence and to give a helping hand to the persons in need. Today, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is the biggest African-American Greek-lettered organization.  The membership in  is available to any woman who fulfills the membership essential, disregarding of religion, nationality or race. Women can join by way of undergraduate chapters at their university, or after getting  a college degree with the assistance of  an alumnae chapter. It has been at the lead of generating programming to enhance educational, social and political conditions.


They have provided support to address the difficulties handled by people in the United States and globally as well. In the past few years, the association has established programs to give and enhance literacy, health care, and global development, and reinforce the African-American family. They  provide a community service action by means of the Five-Point Program Thrust. They use the Five-Point Thrust as a formulating structure as it generates programs to welfare the African-American society. The Five-Point Programmatic Thrust, which was official in 1955, consists of:

  1. Physical and Mental Health
  2. Political Awareness and Involvement.
  3. Educational Development
  4. International Awareness and Involvement
  5. Economic Development;

Each of the  program’s evaluation and execution, managed cooperatively, harmonized by the group working on a project, the communal executive board, and communal headquarters staff. Chiefs belonging to the Agenda Planning and Evaluation Committee, Commission on Arts and Letters, Social Action Commission, Information and Communications Committee, Regional Officers and Membership Services Committee also engaged in expanding programming to fulfill the Five-Point Thrust

Political Awareness:

In 1989, the Communal Social Action Board  set in motion Delta Days in the Nation’s first city. Delta Day is a yearly legislative meeting to increase association members’ action in the national general public approach-making process. The once in a year meeting includes law-making briefings, issue assembly, and growing advocacy skills. Moreover, Delta Days in the Nation’s first city, each state put in order annual events in which representative discusses and an uphold state and local matter with their state law-full bodies.

The Economic Development:

The Delta Challenge: Delta Home Initiative: In 2003, the DST Homeownership Initiative was launched to help association members, friends, general public and  family with retaining their homes and expanding into home ownership. The program is the support for individuals looking for details about home ownership; wishing to find a loan elective who associates with the Delta Challenge; details about the loan insurance agreement or other advantages; or who has the query about real estate or connected monetary topics.

Delta Sigma & Habitat for Humanity: This was the first communal African-American Association to hook up with Habitat for Humanity International with, during Delta Sigma Theta chief executive Bertha Roddey’s authority. Habitat for Humanity rehabilitates and builds  homes with the assessment  of elected home owners, management expertise, volunteer labor, and  tax-deductible gift of fund and materials

Financial Fortitude: Financial Fortitude was built to help organization members and local people to obtain personal wealth and monetary security. Financial Fortitude aids participants decide and define aim, to cultivate a financial plan to reach a  goal, and to place their plan into movement


Delta Sigma Theta members are from many skillful backgrounds. They are teachers, writers, doctors, lawyers, actors, motivational speakers, advocates and mothers. Plenty of  association sisters have resided  in other parts of the country. They work together; and, challenge each others’ way of thinking. Their different backgrounds enable them to label issues in the group they serve from an exclusive, multi-disciplined viewpoint.