Do me a favour!

Weddings cost a lot of money these days so when it comes to the wedding favours, you might not have much of a budget left or the inclination to spend a fortune on them. Favours are a traditional aspect of a formal wedding breakfast, though there is no expectation for you to have to provide the traditional sugared almonds. You can be as creative and fun as you wish, in fact, the current trend is to offer something totally unique and different. You don’t have to spend extra on expensive gifts either as there are loads of DIY and budget options that look amazing. Here are a few ideas:

Sweet bags

You can pick up pretty decorative paper bags for next to nothing and then all you need to do is fill them with some yummy sweets, maybe jellybeans or love hearts, and hey presto – you’ve got a gorgeous little treat for every guest at your reception. For Wedding Venues in Essex, visit

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Alcohol Miniatures

Small glass bottles can be bought in bulk for a small amount. Make up or print off some personalised labels and buy one large bottle of wine or spirits and top up the individual miniatures for a cheeky little boozy treat as your wedding favours.

Lottery Tickets or Scratch cards

At only a couple of pounds each, lottery tickets make an exciting and unique wedding favour for each guest. Place in individual envelopes with a note saying that you hope they are lucky as you. This is a gift that will surely be remembered – especially if there’s any winners in the party! 

Handwritten notes

This is a gorgeous idea and costs nothing but a bit of time and effort on your part. If you have the time and a flair for writing then consider penning a personal note, memory of a shared experience or even a poem for each of your guests. They are sure to treasure this special gesture and it is something that can be kept forever, not like a sugared almond!

Homemade Jam

The trend for homemade produce is still popular and if you’re a dab hand at making your own jam then all you need is some jars, some labels to decorate and maybe some gingham fabric to complete the vintage look. This is a brilliant gift as a wedding favour and will be gratefully received.

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Mini Egg Pouches

These are great for Easter weddings but can be used at any time – because, well, mini eggs are amazing! Pick up some cheap circular gauze to hold a handful of eggs and tie the top with coloured ribbon. It really is that simple and they will look as cute as an Easter chick. Add rustic looking labels to hang from the ribbon that simple say ‘Eat me’ and you’re good to go.

Mini Succulents

If you’re a keen gardener or just love plants then share the joy by giving your guests a mini succulent each. Cheap, adorable and sturdy, you can plant them in little pots and add your own personalised labels as a sweet memento of your happy occasion.