Don’t get Confused between a “Crane” which is a specialised lifting machine and a “Crane” that is a Bird.

There are many words in the English Dictionary that sound the same, are spelt the same and yet mean completely different things. The definition of the word “Crane” can mean a long legged, long necked bird of the Gruiformes Family or a “Crane” which means a specialised lifting machine with a hoist.  A Davit Crane is a particular type lifting machine with a single mechanical arm and hoist that is normally used to raise and lower equipment on a winch, formerly used to operate a ships anchor.

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The long-legged, long-necked variety of Crane has fifteen different species amongst its groups that are split into three generalised varieties that include the Balearica, the Antigone and the Grus.  Even though somewhat ungainly this awkward bird can fly just like its unrelated, counterpart, the Heron and with its neck outstretched the Crane can soar off in order to catch its next meal of fish, insects, small rodents or amphibians.

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Constructing their large nests that resemble a platform in shallow waters the female Crane will normally lay two eggs at a time.  The male and female parents of the hatchlings both help to rear the young chicks until the following breeding season.

The Crane machine, variety is generally used along with its hoist to lower and lift equipment horizontally ready to be transported to the location it is needed next.  Used mainly in the Construction and Transport industries to move heavy loads beyond the capability of a human being.