How to automatically shut down windows 10

We are tired of seeing how in movies and series the protagonist of shift closes the lid of the laptop so that whoever has just entered the house does not know where he is surfing or what he is doing on the laptop. Well, this common gesture can have different purposes beyond physically hiding from others what we are doing. Today we tell you how you can configure the computer to automatically shut down Windows 10 by closing the lid of this, which is nothing other than the laptop screen itself.

Power options to configure Windows 10 auto power off

These options are the key point to be able to provide this functionality to a laptop. To do this we must enter the system settings and look for the specific function of shutting down the system when we close the laptop screen. For this the first thing that we must do is direct us to the options of energy of Windows 10. To do this, simply write the word “energy” in the search bar of Windows 10. Here the power options menu appears directly, which we must press immediately.

Once we are in the menu of options of energy we must go to ” Choose the behavior of the closing of the lid “, from this menu we will be able to accede to different options that will be triggered in the moment of lowering the cover of the laptop. We will see an option that says “when I close the lid” and the actions to be performed in case we are plugged into the power or running on battery only. In both cases, you have to check the option to turn off, so that automatically when we close the lid of the laptop the computer turns off.

This way we can set it to turn off only when we are using it with the battery to save energy, although obviously can be a nuisance if we already have the reflex act of closing the lid indiscriminately. Anyway, it is very useful when we have to travel, take a transport or move from one place to another, because we know that in those paths while the lid is closed, our laptop will not be consuming any energy.