How to avoid getting locked out

At some point it will happen to all of us and normally when we least expect it and it’s cold and raining! There are steps you can take to make life easier for you in the event this happens. The easiest option to get a spare set of keys made. You probably won’t want top carry extra keys on you all the time so you’ll want a safe and easy to remember place to hide them.

Carry one extra key in your briefcase or handbag so that you can at least access one of the entry points to your property.

Give a set to a trusted friend, family or close neighbour.

Buy a fake rock but make sure it’s a really good one as burglars will look for this.

Lock a key inside the electrical panel and then fit this with a combination lock, however, this will mean a meter reader won’t be able to access it.

Don’t leave keys under mats – this is far too obvious or in a mailbox. Under a plant pot or on a window ledge are also not very secure. It’s also not a good idea to keep your spare key in your car. If your car should be stolen and there are other items in the vehicle that could identify your address then you’ll be needing to get your locks changed pretty sharpish.


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In the event that you do get locked out, be pre prepared and have your mobile phone loaded up with contact information. Numbers that might be useful include landlords, locksmiths, friends and family. For more information on Belfast Locksmiths visit

Another clever idea would be to keep a spare key in a fake rock that only accesses the side gate or garage. You could then hide the actual front door key in a safer space that a burglar just wouldn’t have time to look for. You may feel more comfortable about leaving a side gate key hidden out the front.