How to Create Wonderful HDR Images with Photoshop

Photography has reached a new horizon with the advent of high dynamic range imaging. Today, people can hardly think of images without dramatic effects. This has been made possible with the wide range of image editing and processing software, that can make amazing and realistic HDR with Photoshop. High dynamic range photos allow photographers to capture a higher range of tonal details of a scene, than any camera can do it in a single image. This give an opportunity, of a whole set of lighting potential which one could not access previously solely due to technical problems. Photoshop gives more processing facilities to the photographers, with the new ‘merge to HDR ‘feature and helps to combine a series of exposures into a single image, encompassing the entire details of the series of bracketed photos.

Steps to using Photoshop to modify HDR images

Photography is not just recording a scene. It is rather the technique of capturing light in a scene. Digital camera only has the capacity to capture a definite range of light, giving uneven distribution of brightness and details in the image. But this problem stands no more in the field of modern photography. By creating an HDR photo, a greater range of light is captured, that our eyes can naturally see. The step wise procedure needed to create HDR with Photoshop is as follows:

  • First we need to import the clicked images into Photoshop.
  • We go to the provided automate menu and choose merge to HDR Pro.
  • Then we need to change the images to 32- bit. Photoshop gives all our images along with any one of the two options, 32-bits or 16-bits.
  • The next step involves removing ghosts. Ghosting results when multiple exposures are layered and some or any of the objects is moving. We simply need to click on Remove ghost option, and then Photoshop will do the correction automatically.
  • The last step involves toning the image. First we click toning option, and get into Photoshop’s files that handle preferences. Then we can use our controls to make adjustments of exposure, shadow, and add warmth and clarity to the image.

Beautifying HDR images with Photoshop

Photographers, who enjoy creating strange effects in their photos, are prone to HDR imaging. HDR imaging is the latest trend in photography now. This technique is also used to give realistic effect and combine multiple exposures into a single amazing image.