How to prevent thieves targeting your property

If you have experienced the trauma of a break-in, whether it’s your car or your home, you will understand how terrible it feels, and you may wonder why you were targeted. Do you wonder if you’ve done the wrong thing, or is there a way you can make your property more secure? Here are some tips to secure your property:

Be smarter

Smart homes and cars can bring greater peace of mind, making your property safer and a better deterrent to thieves. Many former thieves said they would be deterred from targeting smart homes or cars. Thefts are largely opportunistic, and no thief wants to get caught up in a complicated break-in.

Windows and doors

New modern windows and uPVC doors are stronger with increased security features and offer another major barrier to thieves. Consider UPVC Windows Swindon from a site like Kingfisher Windows, providers of UPVC Windows Swindon.

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CCTV cameras are a big deterrent to would-be thieves. Although knowing that cameras deter thieves, only 14% of adults in the UK have CCTV installed on their property. CCTV should be a top priority for all homeowners. In the unlikely event that you are the target, you will at least have valuable video evidence.

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Draw attention

It comes as no surprise that criminals do not welcome attention. If you can create unwanted attention in the approach to your property, you have a higher chance of deterring crime. The worst sound according to former convicted burglars is an alarm and/or dogs barking.