How useful are briquetting machines?

Creating briquettes from biomass is a brilliantly efficient way to save on your energy bills and get rid of waste products and biomass waste. Briquettes are a form of sustainable energy and biomass briquettes, such as wood, sawdust or charcoal briquettes, made by specialist briquette machines, are widely used in both industrial and domestic settings for heating as a substitute for conventional fossil fuels – especially coal. Biomass briquettes are usually made from sawdust, straw, animal waste, grass and wood.

A briquette is produced by a briquette machine, also known as a briquette maker. For more information on buying your own Briquetting Machines, visit

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So, how does the biomass briquette machine work? Take for example the manufacture of wood briquettes, under high pressure and temperature, lignin, which is a kind of polymer in wood, which originally functioned as a wooden cell wall support, will turn into a kind of plastic material attached to the briquette. This means no glue is needed in the briquette process, and also leaves the exterior of the briquette shiny and smooth.

The benefits of briquettes?

Briquettes, known as compact heating fuels, have several advantages over traditional fossil fuels: Better combustion efficiency – The heating is highly focused in briquettes due to the compact size, meaning more thermal heat can be generated compared to other fuels of the same size.

Small size – Biomass briquettes can be made to be very compact with a high mass density, meaning they offer space-saving and far greater efficiency.

Smoke and ash free – An advantage of burning biomass or wood briquettes on a stove or fire at home is that they do not produce very fine smoke or ash based on what specific ingredients are used to make briquettes. As a manufacturing technology advances and fuel energy sources are re-evaluated, burning biomass briquettes will likely become even more clean and friendly to the environment.

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Briquetting machines are easy to source, purchase and install, as well as being simple to use, store and maintain as well. If you currently struggle with the amount of biomass by-products you are producing, whether you have a furniture business, farm or sawmill, for example, the easy solution is to incorporate a briquetting machine into your workshop and turning all your biomass waste into useful briquettes. It matters not what form of briquettes that are produced: rectangle, hexagon, square or round, for example. They are always convenient to load and transport to different locations.