How Can you resolve a damp problem?

Does your home have a damp problem? Peeling wallpaper, damp patches on the walls and a musty smell are all indications that there’s a problem with moisture. Double glazing plays a big part in fixing the problem, and it’s an important household improvement to keep your home dry and damp-free.

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Exterior damp or interior condensation

Start by identifying the cause of the problem. Is moisture entering your home through leaks or rising damp? Are you generating excessive moisture in the home thanks to washing machines and dryers, showers and baths, cooking and inadequate ventilation?

Exterior causes of damp need to be investigated and remedied. You may need an area of the roof repaired or to have a damp-proof course injected into the wall. You’ll need to take active measures to deal with condensation before it causes mould, which is an active health risk for children and vulnerable people in particular.

Dealing with condensation

If droplets of moisture are appearing on the inside of your windows, you need to take action. Use a squeegee and a soft cloth to remove moisture wherever it appears on windows, tiles and mirrors.   If you do a regular check of your property, which everyone should, then you will start learning which areas area problem areas. Use an Inspection app to help you keep track of your inventory and if you have potential people renting or buying your property.  If you need any more information on the apps or inspection technology you could pop to sites like for expert advice.

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Try the following preventative measures:
– Invest in a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere
– Keep lids on pans when cooking and use your extractor fan
– Fit extractors in bathrooms and shower rooms and run them whenever you use hot water
– Always close the bathroom and kitchen door when showering or cooking
– Keep your home evenly heated and well ventilated by opening windows regularly

Invest in insulation

Ventilation and insulation are your biggest weapons in the fight against condensation. Make sure your loft and wall insulation are up to standard, and invest in a double glazing upgrade.

Look for a reputable company and invest in windows with the highest energy ratings you can afford. These help to beat condensation by staying much warmer than single glazed windows.

You won’t put an end to condensation completely; four people living in a three-bedroom property are capable of generating 112 pints of moisture a week just by breathing, cooking and boiling the kettle. However, an upgrade to your double glazing is often enough to keep a room well insulated and prevent the heat loss that can cause condensation.