Is it Worth Getting Triple Glazing for Your Home?

If you are going to double glaze your windows then why not triple glaze them? This will be the question on many homeowners’ minds when they start researching new windows, only to find that things have progressed in the industry. Once upon a time double glazing was the pinnacle of good housekeeping, but now there’s another option. Read on for a quick round up of what triple glazing is exactly, and whether it’s actually worth getting.


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What is Triple Glazing?

Just as it sounds, triple glazing means your windows are formed of three panes of glass rather than two or one. It works in exactly the same way as double glazing, in that there is an air cavity between the two panes, but in the case of triple glazing there are three panes, resulting in two air cavities.

Is it Worth it?

Whether or not you choose to install triple glazing will depend on a number of factors. Yes, it’s true that triple glazing can dramatically reduce the cost of your energy bills whist creating a warmer feel to your home. Triple glazing is thought to be better at reducing those cold spots in your home that are hard to fix. That being said, if your house is well insulated and otherwise very energy efficient, you may be fine with secondary glazing.

The other thing to note is that unless you get a big enough thickness of glazing and the optimum size air cavity in your triple glazed windows, it may be more energy efficient (and cost effective) to plump for thicker double glazing. The trick is to only appoint an established reputable firm in your area. If you are looking for triple or double glazing in Dublin for example, then an established family firm such as Keane Windows in Dublin will give you an honest idea of what you need.

Are There Alternatives?

Yes there are, and some types of window units can actually be more energy efficient than UPVC triple glazing and can also be more sympathetic to your house design.

Whilst triple glazing has obvious benefits, it’s really worth talking through your options with your window installer who can advise you on the best type of windows for your house or your building project.