Joe Wicks releases his latest cookbook

Internet fitness and cookery sensation Joe Wicks is set to top the bestseller charts yet again with his latest cookbook, Cooking for Friends and Family. Filled with recipes for busy dinner tables, this new offering marks the halfway point in an eight-book deal for ‘The Body Coach’ and follows on from his incredibly successful Lean In trio of recipe books, which are still flying off the shelves.

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With recipes intended to feed the whole family, Wicks says that this cookbook is designed to make losing weight feel more like ‘fun’ and less of a lonely experience, getting other members of the family involved without them even realising they are changing their diets.

Enjoyable dieting

While Wicks’s previous books have been aimed at the lone gym bunny, Cooking for Friends and Family features recipes for busy families and includes barbecue and party dishes designed to show the more enjoyable side of dieting. With so many people prone to ineffective yo-yo dieting, Wicks sets out a series of healthy family meals that he says will make dieters feel less alone in their efforts to lose weight.

In addition to a range of healthy starters, mains and side dishes, the cookbook features a number of Wicks’s personal dessert favourites, including sweet treats such as chocolate fondants and sticky toffee pudding. The internet star says he does not wish to preach to dieters about ‘clean living’; instead, he believes that combined with regular exercise and a positive outlook, his food recipes could help people to lose weight and change their lifestyles for the long-term.

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An internet sensation

Joe Wicks rose to prominence through his online subscription-based Shift, Shape and Sustain Plan, attracting thousands of followers through social media. His meteoric rise coincides with a growing interest in healthy eating and fitness, with more and more people seeking out diet tips, food recipes and foodie inspiration from sites such as

Cooking for Friends and Family marks a defining moment in Wicks’s career, putting his food writing up there with the likes of celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Gordon Ramsay. With previous book sales topping the two million mark and thousands of young people converted to his weight loss cause or subscribing to his online programmes, the success of this latest cookbook is guaranteed.