What is a coolant hose used for?

The components of a car engine are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so it’s essential that the right replacement parts are used to ensure that the engine continues to function effectively. A coolant hose is a vital element of the internal combustion engine, and it performs an important role, so it needs to be manufactured from the appropriate material.

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What is a coolant hose?

As internal combustion engines run at incredibly high temperatures, it is necessary to circulate a coolant fluid around it to keep the components cooler. This coolant is able to pick up and transport all the heat to the radiator, where it is then mixed with cooler air from outside to maintain an efficient temperature.

For this process to be successful, a number of different sized coolant hoses are required to move the fluid to and from the radiator and through the intake manifold. Regardless of the purpose of the coolant hoses, they are typically manufactured from a durable and thick rubber material that is resistant to the high temperatures. There are a number of silicone hose manufacturers who can mould the necessary parts with short lead times that meet the necessary budgets.

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Maintenance of coolant hoses

Coolant hoses might be durable and developed to withstand high temperatures, but maintenance is still an important issue, and they should be checked frequently and replaced when necessary. Indications that a coolant hose needs replacing include the rubber becoming soft or too stiff, small cracks appearing on the exterior surface, and bulges across the wall of the hose. Sometimes there can be no signs of wear and tear, so it’s generally recommended that coolant hoses are changed every four to five years.

When you need to replace a coolant hose, you should ensure you have the appropriately sized and designed part. The vast majority of modern vehicles use moulded hoses (AUTHORITY URL: https://www.knowyourparts.com/technical-resources/hvac/coolant-hose-replacement-tips/), such as those developed by silicone hose manufacturers Goodflex Rubber, so that they can curve in the right way or can turn 90 degrees so the right hose will be easier to replace.

Coolant hoses provide an essential part of a car engine, and a large number of roadside breakdowns are as a result of these bursting, which is why regular checks and maintenance are important. You also need to ensure the actual coolant levels are kept topped up.