King Size Bed Dimensions and Important Factors to Consider Before Buying It

A lot of us are having trouble deciding which bed size to purchase because we are unsure of their dimensions. If you are on the hunt for a bed that can provide you with luxuriously big space, King bed may be the first thing that will come into your mind. When considering a King size bed for your room, know first the different King size bed dimensions before you hand-in your cash. While some bed types are standard, King bed comes in several variations.

Different King Size Bed Dimensions

Buying a King bed can be confusing especially if you are unsure which King size bed dimensions to pick. You can find Cal King beds as well as the Eastern King, both declare to be the real King size. Basically, a Cal King is a short name for California King also known as the Western King. On the other hand, the Eastern King is the Standard King Size bed.

The Eastern King or the Standard King has King size bed dimensions of 80 x 76 inches. It means that this type of bed is 80 inches long and measures 76 inches wide. Each individual has 36 inches of space to sleep on. Finding an Eastern King bed isn’t hard; it is widely available in many stores. The bedding that goes with this type of beds is easily obtainable and available in many designs too. This type of bed can comfortably accommodate two adults and provide extra space.

The California King Size bed dimensions are 84 inches long x 72 inches wide. It is 4 inches longer than the standard King but 4 inches smaller in terms of width. Although it is 4 inches narrower as compared to the Eastern King, it is still adequate for two adults. It is a perfect choice for people who prefer a lengthy bed rather than a wider one. Finding its bedding is not a problem too; they can be bought at many home stores in many different styles.

Important Factors to Consider

Since the King size bed dimensions can take up big space. For it not to look oversize and for your space not to feel cramped, check your room dimension before buying the bed. Take also into account the nightstands that will go with the bed and all the furnishings inside the room like the cabinets, TV stand and more. More importantly, make sure it can pass the doorway.

The various King Size bed dimensions are the source of confusions for many clients. With enough knowledge about these dimensions, you can choose the right bed without any problem.