7 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Bed Bugs

Despite being nocturnal, small and quite difficult to deal with, bedbugs can be stressful.Above all, they are dangerous because they can easily transmit diseases and cause skin irritation. They are difficult to control mainly because besides they hide in spots that are quite hard to find and they can withstand extreme temperatures from zero to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The most important step towards dealing with bedbugs is recognizing their presence. Here are some tips on how to restore comfort in your bed.

How to Eradicate Bed Bugs From Your Home

1. Check Possible Hiding Places

Bedbugs have proven to be quite intelligent. They hide in any holes or cracks in furniture and on the wall. They are typically not visible to the human eye since they only creep out of their hiding when you are fast asleep so that they may feed on your blood. A careful examination of their possible hiding places must be done in order to detect them. Some of their most common hiding places include:

  • In plaster and cracks
  • Electronic gadgets such as televisions, clocks, radios, and telephones
  • In dressers and nightstand drawers.
  • Between curtain folds and also drapery folds
  • Along the carpet edges and underneath rugs.
  • In cracks, especially on head frames and bed frames.
  • On sofa sets, especially between cushions and other furniture
  • Inbox springs, mattress folds, creases, and tufts.
  • Underneath dust covers, beds chairs, and couches.
  • On door cracks and on the casings of windows.
  • Under loose paintings and wallpapers.

These are their most common breeding and hiding places and therefore it is precisely where you should start your bed bug elimination process.

2. Thorough And Constant Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most effective methods of eliminating bedbugs. This is mainly because besides removing the bed bugs, it also removes dirt that offers them breeding ground and hiding places. All furniture, mattresses and box springs should be vacuumed in all directions and the entire area should be covered. Special attention should be given to seams creases and folds especially around buttons and tufts. Other areas that are potential hiding places such as baseboards, floors and switchboards should also be vacuumed. When you are done, empty the vacuum and place the vacuum bag in the freezer for no less than 24 hours so that you may kill all the bugs before you dispose of the bag.

3. Clean Your Bed Linens

Bedbugs cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, all linen bedding and clothing should be washed in the hottest temperature possible and put in a hot dryer for at least one hour. Search for all washable items including carpets and cushions and subject them to the same process. For items that cannot be washed in extreme temperatures, they can be subjected to extreme freezing, which will achieve the same desired goal.

4. Ensure That You Move Your Bed

Your bed should be moved away from the walls and any item that touches the floor. Since bed bugs are crawling insects, you can make it impossible for them to get to you. On the other hand, the mattress can be covered using a cover that zips all around it so as to keep the insects away.

5. Ensure That All Holes Are Sealed Up

Carry out a thorough inspection of your home for cracks and holes. Cracks on furniture can be sealed up by painting over them. Ensure that every small hole is sealed up and no possible hiding place is left unsealed. All loose switch plates should be tightened and peeling wallpapers repaired to ensure that there are n ideal breeding places for them.

6. All Pipes Should Be Covered

Since bed bugs are crawling insects, they can easily crawl along electrical conduits and pipes, making these ideal routes for them to get into your home. It is therefore vital that you seal all pipes and openings that enter your home.

7. Inspect Any New Furniture

Because furniture is perfect breeding ground for bed bugs, always ensure that you carefully inspect all furniture before it is brought into the house. When you purchase or acquire used furniture, ensure that special attention is given to it because the previous location could have had bed bugs. Also, ensure that corrective measures are taken so that they are not brought into the house with the furniture.


The bed is supposed to be a comfortable place of rest; however, bedbugs can make it quite uncomfortable for you. It is therefore vital that you always ensure that the bed as a resting place is free of such disturbances. The above measures and tips are all cheap and safe and will ensure that bedbugs are eliminated from your home. If you are unable to remove bed bug from your home then you can take help from the expert such as Terminix Pest Control. They offer free inspection and will make sure your home is bed bug-free.