Myth-busting facts about bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition, and it is one that it is important to be aware of. Mental Health Training Courses like the ones from will look at a number of conditions such as bipolar and will help inform you of ways in which you can support people in their mental health journey.

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There are lots of myths that have been spread in recent years about bipolar disorder, and it has made people very fearful of the diagnosis. Here are some facts about the condition that help to break some of the myths.

Bipolar comes in two distinct forms. Bipolar I which is categorised by the periods of severe depression and mania. Bipolar II is different in that there are less severe periods of mania, but the bouts of severe depression still occur. The disorder can appear at any age and is often thought to first occur in the teenage years, but it is not usually diagnosed until the age of 25.

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There is often a view that people with bipolar disorder are not able to work, but this is untrue. When the condition is managed with medication and coping strategies, it is possible for people to excel in their careers. Medication can be used to help ease some of the symptoms that are experienced, but a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise can also help.