Mythical trees

Because of the importance of life-giving trees, they often become the subject of myths, legends and folklore throughout history. Their power, strength and vitality has inspired many stories of spiritual and magical power. Here are some famous mythical trees of folklore from across the world:

The Kalpa Tree

In Indian mythology, this is not just one specific tree but a whole spiritual concept. The symbol of the tree of hope, it is believed that the tree can connect you to the divine. The myth of the wishing tree even led Alexander the Great to go looking for them, to get all his worldly wishes granted!

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The Banyan Tree

This is said to be the tree type that the Buddha sat under when he received enlightenment. Many people still believe in their magical powers and that the roots of the banyan tree never stop growing and reach the centre of the earth, making it an eternal tree. If you cut one down, it will sprout again from strong underground roots. If you’re dealing with root problems that are less than magical, contact a Tree Surgeon Essex at a site like Benchmark, a leading Tree Surgeon Essex.

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It is an ancient tree of life of Norse mythology. It plays a major role in the tales of the god Odin. In the quest for deeper knowledge, Odin traveled horse, hanging himself from a tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights and with a spear pierced his own body. He then gained the knowledge she sought from runes. The tree is a symbol of the sky, often represented by a serpent eagle on top and at the bottom.