Popular Team Building Activities

Team building exercises are highly popular events on many corporate calendars. Companies are trying to come up with ever more original and exciting activities to truly test their staff and give them a day to remember. Here are some popular choices:

Wild Goose Chase – Send your team out into the town or city to compete in a smart phone scavenger hunt. Complete with brain-challenging riddles, physical challenges and plenty of hilarious photo opportunities, this friendly but competitive digital hunt can be completed almost anywhere. It will only take half a day and contains moderate activity levels that can be completed any time of the year.

Team Pursuit – This is an activity that can be completed indoors in case of inclement weather. Groups work together to complete varied challenges, playing to their strengths and against the clock to earn points and climb the leaderboard. Great fun with low to moderate activity levels, team pursuits can be enjoyed by all over just one day or half-day session. Why not treat your hard-working employees to an after-work celebration of food and perhaps a few cheeky drinks with Mobile Bar Hire Leicester from http://www.elliottgeorgebars.co.uk/

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Crime Scene Investigators – If your team is full of budding sleuths then they will love this popular team building activity. Many event companies offer this challenge where staff use their detective skills to follow evidence. It’s a great activity for boosting morale, engaging staff and collaborative working. The interactive experience needs you to solve the clues and work out ‘whodunnit’

Escape Rooms – These have grown hugely in popularity over the last couple of years, so if you haven’t experienced one then your team will love it. Whether you attend a set venue or use a mobile event, all colleagues must collaborate and solve riddles to escape the room they are trapped in. This challenge requires cohesive team efforts in a fun, challenging manner. It’s an indoor event that only takes a couple of hours so should be easy to fit into everyone’s busy schedules.

Castaway Challenge – If you’re looking to get a bit more active with some outdoor pursuits, then why not consider a corporate castaway event. Inspired by the survival TV shows, two teams attempt to survive the great outdoors in a series of physical and mental challenges where they must outwit and outlast the opposing team. Blindfolded obstacle courses, puzzle-solving while tied at the wrist to each other and many other fun and hilarious challenges are involved. This is a great team building exercise for promoting leadership, trust and logical, strategic thinking.