Reasons to Start Driving Lessons Today

If you’ve just turned 17, you’re probably considering the all-important question of whether you should learn to drive. Everyone has different motivations for beginning driving lessons, whether that’s embarrassment at getting lifts from your folks, you hate getting the bus or you just can’t wait for the independence. If you’ve been procrastinating, here are some compelling reasons why you need to book those lessons today:

  1. The Back of the Bus

It’s an unwritten law of the land that the coolest kids always get the back seat of the bus. However, after a certain age, your days of being ‘cool’ on the bus are numbered. As the number of mates joining you diminishes (as they pass their tests), you’ll go from looking cool to just plain odd in a very short space of time!

  1. Getting Lifts

You might be delaying lessons because you have a mate who gives you lifts everywhere. Remember that this will not last forever. That mate will either get sick of never receiving petrol money, move away to Uni or get a girl/boyfriend and no longer wants you along as the third wheel! Then you’ll be back on the buses (sat at the front this time). For a Driving instructor Market Harborough, visit

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  1. Public Transport

Whilst we salute public transport for the wonderful work it does, we also acknowledge that sometimes it’s less than ideal. Catching the last bus or train home is stressful, smelly and full of people you’d rather not make eye contact with!

  1. No More Excuses

Sick of having to leave parties/night’s out early? No more excuses or fear of being caught having your mum pick you up around the corner. You can be independent and decide when to leave.

  1. Music

One of the best things about driving is choosing the music you want to listen to and singing along as loud as you like. It’s a liberating form of self-expression. Just remember hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

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  1. The Joy of the Drive-Thru

As sad as it sounds, there is something quite exciting about driving through a drive-thru for the first time as the driver of the vehicle. Think of all those times you could have murdered a milkshake or some fries. Now you can merrily take yourself.


  1. Unknown Talents

If you don’t learn to drive how will you ever know if you are blessed with the power to parallel park like a pro? You could be a natural. Or you could spend the rest of your driving life avoiding the manoeuvre at all costs like most people. But you won’t know unless you try.

  1. Petrol Money

Asking for lifts from mates will ultimately end in the demand for petrol money. It’s a tough one to negotiate. You don’t want to pay over the odds, but you also don’t want to become known as a cheap-skate. Do away with the whole awkward issue by getting your own wheels.

  1. The World of Work

You can only fight it for so long. At some point in the not-so-distant future, you will need to get a job. Job hunting is a whole lot easier when you have transport. You can get to interviews easily, travel to nearby areas thus widening your search and ultimately, get to the job every day.