Santa’s Workshop – A Dummies Guide to Being an Elf

Anyone who has seen the film Elf, the story of a human named Buddy who is adopted by an old Elf, knows that being an Elf is not a walk in the park – but what jobs do elves really need to do to qualify for the most prestigious job in the Elf world – working for Santa Claus himself?


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Reindeer Keeper – So everyone knows that Santa has a team of reindeer that perform the all-important task of pulling the sleigh on Christmas Eve – but the reindeer must be looked after all year around by a team of elves – and these are not your normal reindeer! The elves in charge of these amazing creatures must feed them their special diet containing magic dust enabling them to fly, and assist Santa in training them to fly – so a fear of heights is not an option!

Gift Maker – Santa delivers gifts to approximately 22 million children per hour on Christmas Eve – so these elves need to be good with their hands and able to keep to deadlines. They must be able to turn their hand to anything, whether electronic gadget, or dolls house – after all, failing to meet deadlines means children going without a gift!

Christmas Cheer – As the saying goes – the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing aloud for all to hear! But of course there are other ways for elves to spread Christmas cheer – helping Mrs Claus keep the place looking festive is a very important job – Mrs Claus likes to use makower Christmas fabrics from to spread festive cheer throughout the North Pole Workshops, and of course baking cookies is a must!


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Engineer – Physicists all over the world are still scratching their heads at just how Santa travels the world at such speed in one night – looking after the sleigh is an important job for elves, as Santa’s closely guarded secret to speedy travelling is housed in the sleigh. Looking after the reserves of magic dust, making sure that the sleigh is in the tip top condition that allows it to bend the fabric of space time itself is a very important job for this team of elves.

So if you are an elf and you think you are up to the challenge, Santa needs you! So submit your CV to North Pole HQ – Santa looks forward to hearing from you!