Should champagne really be drunk from a flute?

Some people think that drinks that have bubbles, whether champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine, should not be drunk from anything other than a flute; however, there are some within the wine and champagne industry who believe that far from being the best thing to drink from, a flute is the one thing you should not use. Here we look at why you should not use a champagne flute, what the best alternatives are, and what you should look for when buying champagne and sparkling wine, regardless of the glass you use!


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According to the Office for National Statistics, wine, including champagne, was the most popular alcoholic drink in terms of units consumed on a weekly basis in 2014. The fact that you can now order wine online has helped to boost the popularity of wine, champagne, prosecco and other sparkling wines; in turn, this has led to a debate about what you should be drinking them from.

Which glass to use?

Although champagne flutes might make your drink look great, something as basic as the shape of the flute means that it is almost impossible to smell what you are drinking. Putting champagne or sparkling drinks in anything other than a flute will cause them to lose bubbles more quickly but means you will be able to better appreciate the flavour and aroma. A wider style of champagne flute seems to be the best compromise; alternatively, a regular wine glass will work just as well.

How to buy the right wine and champagne

The main thing when buying wine and champagne is to make sure you are buying something you like. Using experts to choose wines for you to try is one of the best things to do and is possible even if you decide to order wine online.

Although you might be thinking “How do I order wine online?”, the answer is actually very easily. Most online wine merchants allow you to choose a mixed case of wines, which means you can broaden your taste buds and try a variety of wines that you might not have tried before.

Whatever you choose to drink and whatever you decide to drink it from comes down to personal preference – the important thing is that you enjoy it!