Successfully Pitching a Marquee Yourself

Whatever event you are holding, whether a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other social event, a marquee is a practical solution for providing a comfortable environment and a unique atmosphere.

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There are many different styles of marquee, from Bedouin to contemporary aluminium structures. The most commonly used marquees are traditional marquees and frame marquees. Frame marquees don’t need any space around them as they have no guy ropes, so can be used on awkward sites or sites with little space. They have no inner poles, so have more free space inside. Traditional marquees need 5’ space around them for the guy ropes and pegs and have inner centre poles to support the roof.

For a smaller party you could have a pagoda, a tent with an oriental-style pointed roof. These are useful as a serving area for a buffet or bar. They can also have transparent walls for more light.


To successfully pitch a marquee, you first need to choose a good site. You then lay out the roof, remembering where you want the door. You then fit the corner poles and peg them with the double guy ropes, then after slotting together the centre pole from underneath, push the spike through the centre hole of the roof section and place the main guy rope over the spike. Raise the centre pole, securing the main guy ropes at each corner. Fit the remaining side poles and secure them with the single guy ropes. There are two side walls which are fitted with hooks along the top. These are attached to a piece of string which is sewn into the roof section. Start from the door and work your way around, keeping it as tight as possible. Finally fit the base of the side walls with small pegs through the brailing loops. The guy ropes should all be straight and secure.

There are lots of companies which hire out marquees, such as Marquee hire in Kent which come in many sizes and shapes. They can be lined and many accessories are available.

The company will erect your marquee, fit flooring, furniture, lights and heating, if required. After the event they will arrange to come and dismantle the marquee and clean up the site.

For a special occasion, what could be better than a marquee in your own back yard?