The benefits of a non-surgical facelift

Have you been wondering how to go about looking younger, without the potential side-effects of a surgical procedure?

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Thankfully, there are non-surgical facelift options available, which promise to lift those sags and smooth those crow’s feet!

Non-surgical facelift procedure

So how can you feel the benefits of a facelift without going under the knife?

Our faces are made up of different little pockets under the skin, referred to as ‘volume pads’, and these gradually droop and lose elasticity over a length of time. These little compartments can be targeted by injecting small amounts of filler, boosting and lifting the little volume pads and smoothing out wrinkles that appear across them. The contours of your face will appear firmer, giving the appearance of a more youthful, refreshed and glowing profile!

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Key benefits of undergoing non-surgical facelifts include:

– Less pain

During the process, you will have a minimal amount of discomfort and should not experience any pain. If you are nervous about feeling pain that can come with operations, you will avoid this – both during and after the facelift treatment.

– Less money

A non-surgical facelift will cost you a lot less money than a surgical procedure would require. This means that the non-surgical option is available to everyone, no matter what their budget is.

– Less risk

Surgery can be risky, with the potential for a botched operation, infection, and even unforeseen complications with the anaesthesia used. Try the more reliable, non-surgical facelift option with or similar company.

– Less time

The non-surgical option means that, since there is no requirement for prep time or medication, your procedure should be short – with most non surgical facelifts being completed within the hour!

– Less recovery time

You will find that you will not need to take time off work, as this procedure requires nowhere near the recovery time that surgery would entail. You can be back at work in no time, with no worries about days or even weeks before getting back to your normal self.

– Less aftercare required

No surgery means minimal aftercare, as well as less likelihood of medication. While there should be no pain, you may have a little discomfort afterwards, but nothing that lasts any length of time, and you can subdue this with over-the-counter products like paracetamol or ibuprofen.