These habits when eating you generate anxiety and do not you know!

Already our life is stressful enough as well we generated anxiety about eating! The problem is that we do not realize…

The good news is that we can avoid it once detect what are habits that we generate anxiety lunchtime.

  1. Drink coffee

I know that if you’re a coffee lover perhaps one of your pleasures is to drink a cup after meals. But this is not a good idea because being a stimulant, coffee feeds your anxiety and prevent you relax and unwind.

  1. Abusing sugar

Sugar is present in almost everything we eat, even if we think that we are consuming is something salty. And it is masquerading under different names such as “dextrose” and “high fructose corn syrup.”

The problem with sugar is that it is a stimulant, so will rapidly increase your anxiety levels, and then let yourself fall without power.

These habits when eating you generate anxiety and do not you know!

  1. Seek Alcohol

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, you should know that alcohol will not improve the situation, but quite the opposite. While at first you will feel relaxed and at the clouds, long -term alcohol inhibit the secretion of serotonin, which is what helps improve mood and manage anxious thoughts.

  1. Lots of frying!

Besides fattening, the fried foods are your enemy because they increase the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Instead, he prefers whole foods, especially fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds.

  1. Is your life very salty?

The salt increases blood pressure, and obviously, that affects how you feel. And when you feel stressed, depressed and anxious the last thing you need is more pressure! So let the salt shaker at the table and enjoy food flavored with herbs, spices, and lemon.

This is key: How to reduce salt intake

  1. Saltearte meals

Another habit that contributes to anxiety is saltearte a meal. To prevent anxiety and irritability, you have to eat four meals a day, with special emphasis on breakfast; it is desirable that protein is loaded.

Now that you know, You can avoid these habits when you eat cause anxiety!