Trendy Swimming Gadgets For 2018

Most of the sports today need to have specialized gadgets in order to update and develop better techniques for that sport, and swimming is not an exception to that. Almost every year, a variety of swimming gadgets are being manufactured in order to cater the needs of both professional and recreational swimmers.

Waterproof mp3s
One of the most purchased swimming gadgets in 2018 is waterproof mp3s. These mp3s are specially designed to function under water, and are perfect gadgets for music lovers who are also into water sports. Waterproof mp3s are perfect for beach, pools and even in the shower. The Underwater Audio iPod is a waterproof iPod shuffle released by Apple. This 4th gen iPod shuffle gained popularity among customers and got a pretty good sale for the year. This underwater mp3 has 15 hours of battery life and can accommodate and support multiple playlists.

Underwater phone case
Another swimming gadget that became a trend in 2018 is the underwater phone case. People nowadays cannot afford to be literally separated from their phones. That is why underwater phone case became popular. The Otterbox Defender Swim case is one of the most purchased underwater phone cases in 2018. What is remarkable about this gadget is that you can clip it to your swimwear so you can enjoy swimming without worrying about your gadgets. This waterproof phone case also has a touchscreen feature, which makes it easier for you to navigate your touch phones while you are having a great swim.

Triathlon also became a famous sport in 2018. And we all know that swimming is the most challenging part of triathlon. Because of that, triathletes are more determined to improve their skills in swimming. The CoachCam Underwater Video system had a lot of great reviews from triathletes who purchased it. Basically, this gadget is a high-resolution camera that has a combination of underwater lens and above the surface camera designed to help the athletes monitor their swimming strokes and techniques. Through this gadget, the strengths and weaknesses of the swimmers were highlighted, thus providing an opportunity for the athletes to make necessary improvement in their skills. This underwater camera is beneficial not only for triathletes but for amateurs who want to focus on improving their swimming style. No wonder, this gear made it to the top swimming gadgets of 2018.