What can millennial marketers teach your business?

They may be young, but there’s no denying that they know their stuff. So why do millennials not get taken seriously in the business world? The fact is that they’ve much value to offer to 21st century marketing teams.

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What’s unique about millennial marketers?

Unlike older generations, millennials (those who turned into adults shortly after the millennium) start their professional careers with strong technical skills. Thanks to social media and the accessibility of the Internet, many of them have already been blogging, vlogging and even setting up businesses from their desks. This experience enables them to learn from an early age how to interact with and build a digital audience, a skill that is highly useful in the world of modern marketing.

What can they teach you?

Though you may have a dedicated technical team in charge of developing your marketing technologies, millennial marketers have the edge over their older peers because they truly understand how the latest technologies work and can think about ways that these mediums can be manipulated to deliver your strategies. For instance, many staff would likely need training on how to use WordPress for web updates, whereas a millennial will be able to adapt to the platform with ease, at the very least (but could probably show you features you didn’t even know existed). Also, if you’re marketing to a similar age group to your millennials, they will be best placed to advise on what it is that millennials like and respond to.

If you want to really boost your marketing presence, then getting in touch with a brand and strategy innovation agency, as well as recruiting millennials, may help. Companies such as Lightbulb Innovation (www.lightbulbinnovation.com/) are experts in their field.

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Why give millennials a shot in your marketing team?

Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren’t cocky or impatient, but are eager and confident in their ability to succeed in a world which they are so familiar with. They thrive on challenges and will generally put their all into proving their worth to any business. Check out this article, written by a millennial who turned her life around within the space of six months –  https://medium.com/@laurenholliday_/how-i-went-from-underemployed-waitress-to-the-top-1-of-millennials-in-3-months-4680dc1d7891#.w5rsp2t90.

If you put trust in a millennial, you could unleash an exceptional level of talent and dedication which could move your marketing successes on significantly.