What is the difference between inspiration and motivation?

Inspiration is the driving force that compels you to take action, while motivation is the puling force that encourages you to lean toward opportunities. The key difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation is derived from an external source, while inspiration is a trait that is awakened from within.

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Inspiration encourages you to follow your dreams

The word motivation comes from ‘motive’, which points to the drive and dedication within someone. Inspiration mentally encourages a person to follow their dreams or emulate the process followed by someone who is successful.

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Motivation compels a person, whereas inspiration propels them. Motivation can have a short life-span, while inspiration is ongoing. As it is a force inside the individual, it may never pass until they have fulfilled their goals. Motivation is self-imposed, whereas inspiration is a natural urge that comes from deep down inside.

Motivation urges us to lay out our goals. It involves psychological, biological and social factors. Desires, hope and dreams all come to the fore and pull us toward wanting to achieve.

The word inspiration refers to a process that stimulates individuals to follow a creative goal. The need to do something extraordinary or different, setting them apart from their peers, comes from desires. Inspiration is a spontaneous impulse but we remain committed until we achieve the success or goal.

The goal of an inspirational speaker is to awaken desires

The goal of an inspirational speaker is to motivate and lead people to succeed in their chosen area. Companies can hire motivational speakers such as https://www.adventureman.org/motivational-speaker/ to inspire their employees and help them to achieve success.

According to Forbes, becoming a motivational speaker is a good career move for those who are seeking to move forward.

Some people are under the impression that motivation is merely for lazy people, as they do not have the willpower to put their goals and dreams into action. The same critics will be of the opinion that inspiration is for hard-working and dedicated people, as they are always striving to achieve and complete work; however, we can all benefit from both inspiration and motivation. They are two traits that go hand in hand, despite being one being a pulling force and the other a driving force. Create a motive and be inspired to follow your dreams.