Who needs Medical Indemnity Insurance

Medical Indemnity Insurance such as that offered by companies like https://www.mprs-uk.com/products/general-practice/medical-indemnity-insurance/ is a specialist insurance product that provides cover for any damage or death that may occur as a result of malpractice or negligence on the medical professions part. This not only covers medical professions day to day to work but also where they may need to administer emergency first aid or find themselves in a situation where their skills mean they undertake a ‘Good Samaritan Act’.

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These claims can arise a number of months and even years after the initial treatment and or advice is given and this is what makes this form of indemnity insurance so specialist. Those who work in medicine want to help people and this should not be hindered by fear of litigation. This is where medical insurance can help to give them the support of knowing they are covered.

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The types of individuals who would benefit from this type of cover include doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists and counsellors. In some cases holistic therapists will also seek to have this type of indemnity cover added to their insurance portfolio in case they are required to conduct first aid treatment on any of their clients.