Why a rural retreat is just what the doctor ordered

The British countryside is stunningly beautiful. The lush, countless shades of green and the abundant wildlife, hilltop views and crisp, fresh air should be something we all get to experience often. Sadly, those of us trapped in towns and cities might not get the chance to escape to the country very often but here are some great reasons why we should:

  1. Slower Pace

Rural living allows for a life taken at a slower pace. Getting out into the countryside allows us to alleviate stress and anxiety by just taking the time to life in the moment, take a deep breath of clean air and to stop and smell the flowers. Country breaks allow the mind and body to readjust to the simple pleasures in life – the early morning birdsong, the fresh aroma of coffee and baking bread or sitting by a lake and watching the wildlife. For a relaxing rural retreat, why not consider traditional Shepherds Huts. For more details, visit http://cotswoldshepherdshuts.co.uk/

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  1. Green-Fingered

If you can’t escape to the country then make the most of any garden space that you have. Gardening is good for mild exercise and mental health. Those who actively engage in gardening have a 12% lower mortality rate than those who don’t have a garden. Green space is crucial to our health. Studies have shown that looking after a garden that’s full of plants, flowers and anything else you want drastically improves both physical and mental health. You can even install your very own private Shepherd’s hut as a Summer house, workshop or haven of peace and tranquillity.

  1. Organic

Being in the countryside also brings us closer to natural, fresh and organic food and drink. Vegetables from a garden patch, freshly-laid eggs and milk from the dairy farm all provide a much more nutritious, healthy diet which is good for both our immune system and our mental well-being. Knowing how much goodness you are consuming can boost your mood, making you feel better almost instantly. Growing your own fruit and veg at home boosts your confidence too as you feel more self-reliant.

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  1. Cleaner Air

Country air has far less pollutants than the air breathed in a city. There are less cases of allergies and asthma in rural communities and if you suffer with either of these conditions then some time spent in the countryside might be hugely beneficial to you. Fresher air and access to more nutritious food without artificial additives will work wonders for your health and well-being.

  1. Exercise

It’s not always easy, convenient or that pleasant to take a daily walk in the city. Getting out for a stroll in the countryside is a pleasure and going up and down dale is really good aerobic exercise. Your cardio-vascular fitness will increase and exercise naturally causes the body to release serotonin, the feel-good chemical. A daily country walk will help relieve stress, make you feel good and keep you physically fit as well. The beautiful views are an added bonus too!