Why would you use Buggy Whips?

Buggy whip may not be a term that you have heard of unless you spend a lot of time in a buggy style vehicle.  In today’s safety conscious (and maybe slightly cynically money drive law suit) world anything piece of equipment of clothing that can increase the safety and visibility of your vehicles and equipment is always a positive.

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Buggy Whips are essentially tall flags that fit to your vehicle usually on a magnetic base that are placed on the bonnet or side of the vehicle you can see some at https://wisuk.co.uk/buggy-whip.  They are created in bright colours usually oranges, yellows and greens. They are also made with LED lights to ensure that your vehicle can be seen at night as well as during the day.  The Whips have been used in industries such as mining and construction for a number of years, but they are moving into other industries such as buggy driving and could be used in agricultural and landscaping uses. These flags are essentially high visibility jackets for your vehicle.

Buggy racing has become a popular adrenalin fuelled past time and is akin to dirt bike racing or rally cars but in a buggy type vehicle. Unlike a car these vehicles don’t really have a roof or sides, apart for the obligatory roll bars and sometimes some extra netting to help prevent you getting covered in too much dirt from the track – although in my opinion that is one of the fun aspects of these experiences. Or maybe opt for a two-seater vehicle and see how much dirt you can get your passenger covered in!

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As they are light weight vehicles they often slip and slide around the tracks, requiring all your skill and attention to keep them heading in the direction that you want them to. Some of the larger buggies or all-terrain vehicles have the equivalent power in their engines to a 750CC motorbike. There are various types of experience days that you can take part in including landscape and safari style trekking or if you really catch the all-terrain bug you can compete in time-trial competitions and pursuit challenges.

So, why not slip on some old comfy clothing, tracksuit bottoms and a long-sleeved top is good idea and get yourself down to your local track to cover yourself in overalls, don a safety helmet and get ready to get dirty whilst you speed around the track.