Why you should hire a concrete pump

Concrete can be difficult to move and lay, leading many people to hire a concrete pump. These work by pumping liquid concrete through tubes and are the most popular way to move concrete.

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There are three main types of concrete pumps and many reasons concrete pumps are useful tools. Let’s have a look at the advantages they offer.

Save time

Transporting concrete takes a lot of time, effort and manpower. Every project has deadlines; by hiring a concrete pump, you can ensure you stay on target. You will also reduce the risk of having to re-pour the concrete, which gives it an uneven finish.

Save waste

You can transport mixed concrete using tools such as wheelbarrows; however, these do not perform in the same way as concrete pumps. Using a wheelbarrow will inevitably cause waste from concrete spilling over, whereas pumps ensure there is no waste and are a good choice for the environment. The less concrete you use, the more you will be contributing to preserving our environment.

If you are looking for a company that offers advice on concrete pumping, there are many around; however, it is important to find a reputable one to ensure you get a high-quality machine. Companies such as http://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-floors.php have a range of machines suitable for the type of project you are planning.

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Save labour costs

Using traditional ways to transport concrete means you will need a large workforce. Carrying concrete in buckets and wheelbarrows requires strength; in addition, you will require many people to make regular trips between the mixer and the concretes destination. A pump will not only save money on labour costs but can also enable you to ensure your staff are placed in other areas of the project to achieve good results.

Save energy

Imagine working on a project with lots of stairs, obstacles to navigate around or small spaces. It is not the best idea to carry around mixed concrete in a bucket; in addition, you will use a lot of energy trying to navigate around obstacles and upstairs. Concrete pumps enable the easy transportation of mixed concrete and can reach inaccessible areas.

The advantages of concrete pumps are why they have become so popular. Not only do they save time and money but also they contribute to the environment.