With this paw, I thee wed!

I’m so excited. My wedding day is almost here. Everything is planned and paid for. All the guests know where to be and at what time and they are even bringing their pets along – well they have to really as otherwise who is going to open the doors. You see being a dog poses some issues, especially those relating to needing opposable thumbs!

So, by now you have probably guessed that this is no ordinary wedding and I am no ordinary bride. Yes, that’s right I am, what my pet likes to refer to me as, a pooch. A golden Labrador to be exact.

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Bertie and I met a few years ago at the rescue centre, you see we had both been abandoned. I was left in a cardboard box along with my mother and sister and Bertie had been rescued from an awful puppy farm. We bonded in the centre and became the best of friends but who would have guessed just a year after being adopted our paths would cross again. You see my pet Evie and Bertie’s pet, Edward worked together at the legal firm and it wasn’t long before sparks were flying between them and they started dating. That’s when I got to see Bertie again, I knew it was him the moment I laid eyes on him. Who could forget those beautiful brown eyes and that gorgeous chocolate brown coat?

Just a few months later we overheard them talking. Evie said “Have you heard the news?” reading aloud from the paper she continued “Alex Clark Glos is pleased to announce its merger with TGRES, oh Edward they are the Gloucester Sales and Lettings company I used to rent my house from. Let’s go and see them again and see if they can help us find a home.” And before we knew it we were moving in together. I love having Bertie around. He snuggles up to me at night in the dog basket and keeps me nice and warm.

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It seems like only yesterday that we were two puppies in neighbouring kennels poking our noses up against the glass at each other. He was such a character (well he still is) he loved nothing more than chasing his tail around in circles or lying on the floor rolling around on his back.

And now here I am, waiting to walk down the aisle to meet my chocolate Labrador, soon to be husband. I don’t think I could be any happier, even if someone scratched my belly!