How to choose the right wedding venue

The venue can make or break a wedding. Choosing a location can also help guide the rest of the day so it flows perfectly, whilst also allowing you to enhance the day with the details and touches that really fit your story as a couple.

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What to consider

There are vital points to settle with your partner before getting serious about your venue search. The number of guests will inform what venues will be suitable, and a budget may narrow down the places you can afford. Consider the feel you’re going for (such as bohemian, floral, or urban) and what time of year you’d choose, but try to keep this as flexible as you can. When it comes to location, there may be somewhere special or convenient for you and your partner. Gloucestershire has many wonderful places to get married, from beautiful churches to a Gloucester hotel wedding venue.

Shortlist and the important questions

By researching online, you hopefully have a shortlist of venues that could fit the bill. Now is the time to answer some logistical questions.

For example, is the venue licensed for the wedding ceremony? If not – or if you want separate locations – how will guests get from the ceremony to the reception? If they are licensed for ceremonies, there could even be a choice about where exactly within the venue, such as at the beautiful Gloucester hotel wedding venue Hatton Court Hotel

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Consider whether your top choices can accommodate your guests and their needs. In terms of entertainment, look into what is included. If you wish to bring your own, is amplified sound permitted? Don’t forget timings for both setting up (How early will you be allowed access if required?) and finishing (When will drinks stop being served? When do guests need to leave?). Will there be any restrictions affecting the way you have envisaged decorating your big day? There are options for doing much of the work yourself or having everything done for you, as discussed by Brides magazine.

Ultimately, the most vital thing when selecting your wedding venue is finding somewhere fitting for your vision of your day. Ask the questions highlighted above, but most of all, you’ll want to ensure it is somewhere you feel comfortable and can see you and your partner getting married.