Three important coach hire considerations

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to hire a coach, whether for a short period – a milestone birthday night out, perhaps – or a longer time over several days, such as transporting members of a team or club to a competition or other event. There are also lots of options for hiring or renting a coach. Before you start looking, think about what you need and what you want. These are not always the same thing and will help you to pinpoint where to start.

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Who will drive?

At first glance, a ‘bare’ rental – hiring the bus or coach without a driver – might seem like a good idea and potentially a cheaper option; however, this can isolate a member of the party if they are nominated to drive, and they will not be able to drink. If the group is on a tour, they run the risk of missing out on conversation through concentration.

Larger vehicles manoeuvre differently from ‘regular’ cars and might pose problems to drivers not used to managing a bigger vehicle in small spaces, such as car parks. Any damage to the bus would probably exceed the money you might pay for a driver.

The type of licence you have might prove to be the decision-maker. Many of us may drive a minibus without any additional training, with some conditions as set out on the government website; for anything bigger, there might be restrictions.

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On a long journey you will want to make sure the passengers are comfortable, so questions for the potential business offering coach hire in Gloucester would include the measurements of the seats and whether they recline. You might also want to ask about the air conditioning, Wi-Fi and toilets. An experienced business such as will have all the answers ready for you.

Guided tours

Having a knowledgeable driver or guide can be invaluable if you are planning a more ‘touristy’ trip. They can advise on itineraries before you leave and suggest popular places or attractions that you might have missed. Depending on the company you are dealing with, there might be an off-the-shelf package or something they can tailor to your party.

Careful planning is the key to the success of any trip, so weigh up all the options before you start.