Top Five Reasons Why FB Beats G+ as a Social Network

Currently there are numerous social networking sites and marketing tools to help businesses promote their brand name. Two of the major social media advertisement powerhouses are Facebook and Google Plus. The choice between the two is a difficult one. Facebook is an established entity and has made its mark throughout the years but can Google Plus compete with it? We bring you five reasons to convince you about Facebook’s superiority.

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1.Global reach

For one. Facebook has been in business for quite a while longer than Google Plus, and therefore people are more familiar to it. Moreover, Facebook boasts of over one billion users as per 2014 statistics whereas Google plus has only 300 million active users as of 2014. It is apparent that Facebook is mostly preferred by users worldwide and hence gives your business a huge market to promote your products and services.

2. Connectivity

The Facebook interface is comparatively more intuitive and user friendly. Also Facebook is a platform where people connect with friends and family; ideal to promote your business among the masses. People who like your business page are likely to suggest it to friends and as it appears on their homepage your page is visible to their contacts helping you connect with many users through one. In contrast, the Google Plus interface is not only puzzling but also just suitable for the tech-savvy people and to add to this, Google Plus is more concerned with professional networking than social networking and thus it doesn’t fit in well with users.

Top Five Reasons Why FB Beats G+ as a Social Network

3. Apps 

When it comes to apps, Facebook bags all the accolades as it possesses some of the best third party apps like Zynga enriching the overall Facebook experience and bringing in more sales. Also the additional options provided by Facebook for business promotion such as promotion of events by sending out RSVPs to users, creating specific messages directed towards specific groups etc.

4. Traffic 

When you associate your brand name with Facebook it not only automatically creates gateways for your brand to reach a wide range of customers but it also sends more traffic to your business’ official website. Linking your corporate website with Facebook will help potential customers to seek more information about your company and its products. On the other hand Google Plus hardly has any page views in comparison, let alone any web traffic.

5. Promotions and ads

Facebook offers you unlimited opportunities to advertise and promote your products and achieve brand recognition. You can promote your business by conducting contests, sales promotions, deals, discount programs and so on using various apps, thereby gaining you more customers and more publicity. On the contrary, Google Plus offers no such advertising options to business pages, making it a less effective marketing tool.

All in all, Facebook gives you a complete experience of a social networking site, where you are connected to your family and friends as well as linked to professional networks. Thus, Facebook can prove to be instrumental in building the right image for your business.