Do you know what concrete is

Have you ever looked at a building, road surface or car park and wondered what concrete actually is? It is essentially a material that is used in construction and engineering and acts similar to rock. You might choose to use concrete when having a surface laid where you could seek the services of a Ready Mix Concrete Kent company to deliver the required amount to you. Visit VMC for Ready Mix Concrete Kent if you are in need.

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Concrete is made up of a number of aggregates mixed together which include natural sand and either crushed rock or gravel. A binding material such as water is then added to the mixture to join the sand and the crushed rock or gravel together.

The resulting material has very similar properties to rock and it is a very strong material that resists a high level of compression, which is one of the reasons that it is used in the construction of buildings and road surfaces. It can be moulded into any number of shapes when it is in its unset form and can also be transported easily for those needing ready mix concrete at their construction sites and homes.

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It is thought that concrete is actually the second most used material across the world after water. It is extremely durable and also easy to fix in the event of cracks appearing on the surface of the concrete.