Hama bets on Alexa to give life to its new smart speaker and its sound bars with subwoofer

We do not know if in the Black Friday that we have around the corner or already in the Christmas season that we are almost touching with the tips of the fingers, the intelligent speakers will be protagonists at the time of giving gifts. What we do know is that the manufacturers are putting all their efforts to gain a place in the market.

From the promoters of the same, as Amazon with its Echo range through Apple and HomePod, Google and Google Home to reach other brands (we saw for example with Energy Sistem ) that have opted for one of these platforms to offer their own products. This is the case of Hama, which announces the launch of two new sound bars, the Sirium 4000 and Sirium 3800 and a smart loudspeaker, the Sirium 1400 in which the firm bets on Alexa.

Of these three models, it stands out that they are compatible with Alexa so that we can interact with them through verbal controls. One more step for the extension of Alexa in our homes. In order to interact with them they have added three integrated mics of far field and so that we do not worry about privacy they have added a switch to silence them.

Sirium 4000 and Sirium 3800

Starting with the sound bars, these are models designed for those who are looking for a complement to their television and do not want or can not install a home theater system. Sound bars that can be connected via Bluetooth, WLAN, USB 2.0 or by a 3.5 mm jack input . They also have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi so that we can access streaming music content using platforms such as Spotify or Internet Radio. And thanks to Airplay, we can stream from an iPhone, iPad or computer with macOS.

The Sirium 4000 mounts 6 speakers (four mid-range speakers and two others that generate a defined high-pitched sound), all compatible with Dolby audio. It is accompanied by a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer and 45 watts of power.

Regarding the Sirium 3800 , it offers a smaller size that causes it can only accommodate two high-quality broadband speakers. Of course, it is also accompanied by a wireless subwoofer.

Sirium 1400

Finally, we must mention the speaker, the Sirium 1400 , a model that has 2-way speakers that generates a bidirectional sound **. The connection to the network is carried out through Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth connection is added so that we can use it as a complement to our smartphone or tablet .