The Wonders of Uganda’s National Parks

Uganda – the country that Winston Churchill called The Pearl of Africa, is home to some of Africa’s most fabulous flora and fauna, as well as stunningly beautiful bird life. Mountains, impenetrable rainforest, savannah, fast moving rivers, colour, sound – Uganda has it all.

The Wonders of Ugandas National Parks

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With many wonderful national parks, there are numerous reasons to visit this awe-inspiring country. Here are just a few:


The country’s major draw is Bwindi National, to take part in a gorilla trekking holiday. Individuals can spend time with these magnificent animals, in their natural habitat. Where there are gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees are not usually far away. Follow troops of endangered chimpanzees at Kyambura Gorge or Kibale Forest as they swing through the trees overhead, feed, and play.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the country’s most popular national park, and certainly offers stunning scenery. Flanked by crater dotted foothills of the Rwenzoris in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward to the remote Ishasha River in the south you can expect to see a variety of four-legged friends along the way. Among them tree-climbing lions, buffaloes, a variety of antelopes and over 600 bird species. Game drives and organised trips by experts like Uganda help make this a trip of a lifetime.

Natural attractions

In close proximity to the colourful city of Jinja lies a waterfall which is now submerged beneath the Owen Falls dam. This is the source of Africa’s mightiest of rivers, the Nile. Many tourists find a visit here to be a poignant yet inspiring moment, especially for those who have perhaps seen the river as it flows past the many wondrous ancient sites downstream. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike will not be disappointed either. The river is home to thousands of hippos and enormous gaping crocodiles. Visitors may also choose to try their hand at kayaking, rafting or fishing, but perhaps not in the same area as the crocs!

No visit would be complete without exploring the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, also known as The Mountains of the Moon, due their extraordinary landscape. Here, Uganda boasts Africa’s third highest snow-capped peak. You can find a wealth of advice at on how to reach this amazing sight.

Whichever national park you choose, and however many times you visit, you will always remember Uganda.