Planning your Wedding in a Stress Free Way

Even if you normally pride yourself on your relaxed and easy-going attitude, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful for many couples! The countdown to the big day can be filled with excitement but it can also be filled with stress! So if you are newly engaged and are just about to embark on your wedding planning journey, here are some tips to help you try to keep the stress levels to a minimum during the countdown!

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If there are certain things that you want in particular and they mean a lot to you, make sure that you let your partner know – it might be a certain venue like this Kent barn wedding venue , or a special tradition, but good communication is key here to avoid any frayed tempers further down the line!

Sometimes there is so much to do that it can feel overwhelming so it is a good idea at the start to make a list of the things that need to be done and when they should be done by – that way you can have a clear schedule to work to and it will help when making decisions.

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You don’t want to be consumed by the whole planning process, so it is important during this time to also take breaks from it all. This will stop it from becoming too much and allow you to relax and reflect.