Road Rules that are not Well Known

Something that is a part of driving in the UK, and all over the world is being aware of the rules of the road and what various markings and signs mean, such as these chapter 8 chevrons for example

The rules of the road are there to make sure that other road users and pedestrians are safe when using the roads and the areas around them, so it is for this reason that doing something that is not allowed could get you a large fine, a driving ban or even time in prison.

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Most of us are aware of most of the rules of the road, but there are some that not as many people know – here are some of them…

Driving too Slowly – We all know that speeding can get you into trouble, and often we are told to be careful of the speed we are doing and there are many safety campaigns that are in place to raise awareness of this. But you can also be fined for travelling too slowly on the road, at a speed that can be dangerous!

Splashing People – Walking on a rainy day isn’t most people’s idea of fun, and if a car speeds past and drenches you in puddle water it is even less so. For this reason, if you do splash a pedestrian, you can be fined up to £100 as well as potentially receiving points on your license for driving without consideration.

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Music – If you like to have your music loud whilst you drive, you should be careful – if it is too loud it could be classed as a distraction, and if you are playing loud music whilst parked you can be fined for disturbance.