If you are not going to be able to fulfill a project, learn to say no

The evil of freelance is not having clients. Feel that the month ends and there is no money in your account, so when a project appears, all are celebrations, but like everything in life, when something good comes, it calls other good news, that is, from night to night. tomorrow you have more orders than hours have the day.

But since you do not know how to say no, or rather you do not want to refuse any commission, you say yes to everything and your clients who do not know each other, nor do they have to do it, do not know in the mess they just got. Because you will not meet the deadlines and you know it.

And as if a broker had seized you, do not stop looking at the clock and jump from one job to another to check that you will arrive on time and that everyone will be happy.

But in real life, the day has 24 hours, seven days a week and the mind has a limit. The periods of concentration are what they are and you are going to make some mistake.

It is when that call comes from an annoying customer because you have sent him a sample of what he charged you with a blunder. Is it worthwhile to cover all those commissions?

It takes a lot to get a good reputation, as if to spoil it out of necessity, of course, but that will be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. There is always a contact, a friend who could well take care of that assignment that you know will be a disaster if you continue with him.

The camaraderie in the freelance world also exists. In fact, from time to time, we have been surprised with an email from someone with whom you collaborated for years that you pass a job because it is just time or does not master that subject. Delegate, and keep your good name before delivering a lousy job.