4 online business ideas you can set up today

Do you want to start online business but cannot find any creative online business ideas out there? Internet is full of articles where they explain how to get rich or how to make money quickly and almost without having to do anything. But as you have imagined, all that kind of information is false. Of course, that does not mean that you cannot make money online. Not only is it possible, but I know more than one person who earns enough.

What is the password?

Have a good idea that fits with your skills and a lot of work. To facilitate the jump to the enterprise today I bring you 4 of the best online business ideas of these moments. So take out paper and note that tomorrow you will be creating your own web project.

  1. Sell your time

Performing tasks for others is the oldest and fastest system for getting money. You charge by the number of hours you have taken to do your work or by the results that the person has obtained.

But what services to offer? What are the professionals who are most demanding now on the Internet?

I would highlight 5 of them in below:

  • Editors: the need for new content is brutal; there are more companies and bloggers who need editors. If you are good at writing is the easiest way to start.
  • Community manager: one of the most requested profiles, and is that in Spain there are still many companies that are now creating their profiles in social networks.
  • Web design: in the same way that the number of e-commerce grows, so does the one of bloggers. This implies that there will always be demand from designers. However, it is also a sector with great competition.
  • Programmers: Are you the master of the code, the PHP language and understand CSS styles? No doubt you have a market. But as with designers, there is a lot of demand and competition at the same time.
  • Consultants / coach: If you are an expert in a topic, you can make Skype sessions to help others achieve their goals.

Selling your time and charging for it is easy, the tricky thing is getting customers. No matter what sector you belong, to sell services you need to gain visibility and for that, it is imperative that you create a blog.

  1. Hosting Reseller

Imagine that you have a web agency and that you offer services of design, programming, SEO, etc … Your target audience would be people who are starting their online business now, do not you think you might also be interested in offering the web hosting service? Of course you are.

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To do this you only need to locate a provider that has a reseller hosting service. Not only is it a white label (your logo and data will not appear anywhere), but they will be in charge of the servers. You just have to take care of customers.

  1. Automated online stores

Although in USA it is costing, the world of e-commerce is striking ever more strongly. Not a few people have created an online store to sell their own creations or those that distribute products from others.

But the online business idea that I bring is different, since it is based on creating an e-commerce that sells only to be 100% automated. Your only concern should be in promotion.

This can be done in 2 ways:


Dropshipping is an e-commerce system in which you work together with a wholesaler. While he handles the management of the merchandise and the orders, you take care of customer service and the digital marketing strategy.

This offers you a number of advantages:

  • You do not have to make the initial investment to buy stock.
  • You only pay for the products you sell.
  • You can forget to store and shipments.

But of course, this model also has drawbacks:

  • It is difficult to find a good provider (dropshipper).
  • If you do not work well the marketing strategy you will not sell anything.

Many people believe that the difficulty of creating an online business is lay on to build it, but what is really difficult is to attract customers to your store.


Membership is based on nothing other than recommending products to your readers. If a sale is made, you receive a commission. The process is very simple; everything works thanks to the links:

  • You create a store or web where you recommend certain products.
  • A person enters and makes a purchase.
  • The button (link) takes the person to the store that actually has the product.
  • The store pays you the commission when you recognize that the customer came from you for the link from which you agreed.

The most popular affiliate networks are Amazon and Ebay , but there are also other companies that allow you to offer products from other stores. The reality is that you can sell everything.

  1. Make your knowledge = sales of infoproductos

Selling infoproductos consists of “bundling” your knowledge and selling it. For example, you can create a course or guide where you teach how to get or do something. What’s the big difference versus selling your time as a consultant? In that it is a scalable and automated system.

Think about writing an ebook. Created one and you can sell a thousand times the same ebook without having to work more and without the production costs soar. Just have a web and put a button that connects with PayPal or Stripe.