District Ice District Guide

The skyline of downtown Edmonton has changed dramatically as the Ice District began to take shape. However, the area has more to offer than the famous Rogers Place arena; It is a combination of office space, condos, public spaces, shopping, dining, and entertainment, spread over 25 acres. This neighborhood will continue to grow as time passes, but there is already much to see and do.

Rogers Place

The new arena is the centerpiece of the neighborhood – with over 9,000 seats on the ground floor, the building will host concerts and sports competitions of all kinds. The building is easily accessible by public transportation as there is direct access to the building by the MacEwan light rail station. Spectators travel through the Ford Hall to the Rogers Place. The spacious interior area allows them to avoid being outdoors in winter while experiencing beautiful architecture, plenty of natural light and unique artistic details.

Downtown Edmonton Community Arena

This public arena is located near the Rogers Place. A wall of windows allows people walking in the Rogers Place to look over the arena. The arena provides weekly ice time for people living in the area, as well as skate training, parent and child sessions, and many other skating programs.

Casino Grand Villa

Connected to the Rogers Place, this huge building offers the chance to play slot machines, table games and even access to VIP rooms. Many people come to the Grand Villa Casino for gambling, but you can forget about gambling when it comes to eating – there’s everything ranging from upscale dining options to a Starbucks, going through a pub and Fast food, including Sbarro Pizza restaurants, The Taco Shack, Vera’s Burger Shack and Pink berry.

Restaurant Atlas Steak + Fish

This dining option inside the Grand Villa casino is strictly for guests who are over 18 years old, and this restaurant is more an experience than a simple place to eat. The extensive wine list is selected by a sommelier, while the dishes are designed by Chef Shelley Robinson, a Chopped Canada winner and former Canadian delegate for the Slow Food in Canada movement in Italy. The menu remains faithful to the name of the restaurant with a wide choice of steak and seafood.

The Edmonton Tower

Planned to be completed in early 2017, the Edmonton Tower is an office building that will also house condos, in addition to child care services. Restaurants, cafes and other retail spaces are also part of the project, which will have touches of marble and granite.

The Static Tower

Located to the southeast of the Ice District, the Static Tower will be the tallest tower in Western Canada, with its 62 floors. The unique building will highlight the impressive skill of the architecture firm whose offices will be hosted here.

Public art

The art by the local artists is intercalated in the public spaces of the district Ice District. At the northwest corner of Rogers Place, we find Realities: United, a tree in an abstract form wanting to reproduce the designs of designs used by architects. Hal Henderson’s multimedia art, with puck images, skates, and small figures, is displayed at the entrance to the Edmonton Downtown Community Arena. Outside this arena is the sculpture The Skater’s Arch created by Saskatchewan artist Douglas Bentham. An impressive 14-meter circular and colorful mosaic representing the culture and history of the city can be found in the Ford Hall of the Rogers Place.

Hotel JW Marriott

The Ice District will feature a JW Marriott Hotel just south of Rogers Place. The luxurious hotel is expected to be built by 2018. It will also feature a cafe, lobby bar, and gourmet restaurant.

These are just some of the highlights so far, but the new constructions continue to change the area for years to come. There are plans to add many other restaurants and cafes, medical centers, pharmacy, fitness facilities, grocery store, financial services and Cineplex UltraAVX and VIP cinemas. Keep an eye on the Ice District as it continues to grow and evolve into the city’s coolest neighborhood.