Odd things found in skips

When hiring a skip, you’ll need to be aware of the company’s guidelines for what can and cannot be placed into the skip. However, some people put the strangest items into skips, much to the surprise of the skip hire staff who come to take it away! Here are some examples of weird things found in skips:


Who would throw away a perfectly running and useable motorbike? Yes, this is exactly what was found inside one skip – a restored 1939 Vincent Rapide motorbike! Not only can a motorbike not be put into a skip as its various components include prohibited items but what a huge waste of money to throw away such a pricey item!


No-one in their right mind would throw money away, however, a bag full of cash totalling £7000 was found by skip hire staff in 2018. Surely, there are better ways to part with your money!

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Skips can be big but surely not that big? Somebody did, however, manage to manoeuvre an entire caravan into a skip. Not only is a caravan too bulky for standard skips but it is also made up of parts that cannot be put into a skip, materials that are considered hazardous. If you’re not sure what you can put into your skip, don’t hesitate to speak to the hire company and find out first. For Swansea Skip Hire, visit a site like Pendragon Skip Hire

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Yes, people have been known to attempt to disguise weapons in with their waste, both broken and some still in full working order!