Self-Build Homes and Choosing a Plot

Many people are choosing to go down the route of building their own home from scratch, known as a ‘self-build’. There are many advantages to building your own home, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular – the ability to create a home that is exactly how you want it is fantastic, as you can really have a home that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Another massive positive is that you can choose an area where you want to live and create what you want there rather than being restricted to homes that are for sale in that area.

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With many more people choosing to build homes of their own, this means that the plots of land that are for sale are being snapped up quickly, and in many places in the UK land is not easy to come about so good plots of land can be quite expensive. This means that when hunting for a plot of land, it may be necessary to make compromises, or think a bit more outside of the box.


Brownfield sites are often a good place to build a house – they are usually cheaper, and in a convenient location. Because of their industrial past, you may need to think about contaminated land remediation before going ahead and building on the land.

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Another way of finding land to build on is to ask around – just because land isn’t advertised for sale, if you find land in an area that you want, it may be that the land owner would be happy to sell it to you.